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Dakkapel 5 Meter

A dormer window can bring a lot of extra space and light into your home. If you are looking for a 5 meter dormer window, it is important to know what the costs and features are.

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Costs dormer window 5 meters

A 5 meter wide dormer window is a major investment , so it is understandable that you want to know what the costs will be before making a decision. The standard dimensions are smaller than 5 meters, but this size is certainly possible.


The prices of a 5 meter dormer window can vary greatly , depending on various factors. The most important factors that determine the price are the material, the finish, the type of roof and the method of installation .

Prefab model

A prefab dormer window is generally cheaper than a dormer window that is built on site, this is the traditional dormer window and in most cases a custom-made dormer window. A prefab dormer window is made in the factory and is placed entirely on the roof, making installation faster. This saves time and costs, which means the total costs will be lower.

Average cost

The average cost of a 5-meter dormer window is between €7,000 and €12,000 . This includes material, labor costs and VAT. A dormer window with a flat roof is generally cheaper than a dormer window with a sloping roof.

Different materials

The choice of materials also influences the costs. For example, a plastic dormer window is cheaper than a wooden dormer window. In addition, there are dormer windows with special dimensions and there is a difference between a new dormer window or the removal of an existing dormer window.

Best dormer quotes

It is therefore wise to request multiple dormer window quotes from different specialists. This way you can compare the costs and make a good decision. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality.

Prefab dormer window

A prefab dormer window is a dormer window that is made in the factory . It is then delivered in its entirety and placed on the roof. This has several advantages compared to a traditionally built dormer window.

Put together faster

Firstly, the construction of a prefab dormer window is much faster than a traditional dormer window, which reduces dormer costs. Most of the production takes place in the factory and not on location. This means that the inconvenience to the residents of the house is as small as possible and that the dormer window is installed within one day.

Higher quality

Another advantage is that the quality of this type of dormer window is generally higher than that of a traditional dormer window. This is because production in the factory takes place under controlled conditions. The quality is generally higher than with other types of dormer windows .


In addition, these dormer windows are often made of durable materials , which means they have a long lifespan and require less maintenance. This means that a dormer renovation will not be necessary anytime soon.

Less flexible

A disadvantage of these dormer windows is that they are less flexible than traditional dormer windows such as a wooden dormer window or a plastic dormer window. Because they are produced in the factory, your own wishes regarding the shape and color are often not possible.


In general, prefab dormers are cheaper than traditional dormers. Because production takes place in the factory, labor costs are lower and the dormer window can be installed quickly. In addition, maintenance and repair costs are generally lower due to the use of sustainable materials.

Average dormer costs

If you are considering having a 5-meter dormer window installed, it is important to know what the average costs and monthly financing are. The price of a dormer window depends on various factors , such as the material, size, finish and construction of the dormer window.

Average price tag

On average, the costs for a dormer window of 5 meters wide are between €5,000 and €10,000 . This is an estimate, because the exact price depends on the materials and finish chosen.


If you choose a prefab dormer window, it will generally be cheaper than if you choose a wooden dormer window or a plastic dormer window that is built on site. This is because prefab dormer windows are produced in a factory, so installing the dormer window will take less time, meaning fewer labor hours will have to be paid.

Additional costs

In addition to the costs of the dormer window itself, you must also take into account additional costs , such as the costs of installing the dormer window and any additional insulation. It is therefore wise to request multiple quotes from different specialists.

Dormer specialist found

Once you have determined the costs for a 5-meter dormer window, it is time to look for a specialist . There are several companies that install dormer windows, but it is important to find a specialist who suits you and who delivers good quality.

Multiple quotes

It is advisable to request different quotes from different specialists. This way you get a good idea of ​​the price-quality ratio and you can make a good choice. When comparing quotes, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the material and workmanship.

Finding a professional

A good way to find a specialist is through friends or family . They may already have experience with installing a dormer window and can share their experiences. You can also search online for reviews and experiences.

Clear agreements

Once you have found a dormer window specialist, it is important to make good agreements about the installation and finishing of the dormer window. Make sure that all agreements are on paper and that both parties have signed them. This way you avoid ambiguities and discussions afterwards.

Quality mark

In addition, it is smart to choose dormer specialists who are affiliated with a quality mark or trade organization . It is also important to find out whether a dormer permit is required. In short: not only the average cost is important, but the whole picture.


A 5-meter dormer window can bring a lot of extra space and light into your home, but it is a significant investment . The costs may vary and depend on various factors, such as the material, finish and any additional options. Comparing different quotes can help you make the best choice. It is important to look not only at the price, but also at the quality of the material and the service that the specialist offers so that you find the best deal for your situation. Pay attention to dormer window offers, this is possible for both a wooden dormer window and a plastic dormer window.
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